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Member boxes are a unique, cost effective way to improve member retention and community cohesion. You pick the products, we'll hold the inventory at our warehouse and mail them out whenever you need one.

The Welcome Box

Welcome boxes are a no-brainer. Let your new members know that they are a part of the community and set them up with everything they need for a success with your program. This box includes:

  • Tank/Tee
  • Blender Bottle
  • Grass-Fed Whey Protein sample packet
  • Window decals
  • Welcome card with your important info like apps, FB groups etc.


Everything is packed into a white display box with branded packing tape.

The Milestone Box

Celebrate member milestones by giving your members swag that can only be earned, not purchased. Membership anniversaries (2yr, 5yr) are the perfect time to show your members how much you appreciate them as customers and as community members. This box includes:

  • 1/4 zip long-sleeve performance jacket
  • Speckled coffee mug
  • Window decals


In this example, everything is packed into a custom printed display box.

the Nutrition Box

Help your members take their results to the next level by supporting their nutritional goals. Does your gym have a nutrition program yet? It should! This box is a great idea when members first sign-up for your nutrition coaching. Set them up for success from day one. This box includes:

  • Adidas gym sack
  • Journal for food tracking or notes
  • Grass-fed whey protein sample
  • Sea-harvested fish oil bottle


In this example, everything is packed into a custom printed display box.

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