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The Numbers

What are my margins?

You earn a true 25% on everything you sell. For example, if you sell a tee for $25, you earn $6.25. We take care of charging shipping, sales tax and even include the credit card processing fee. Nobody else does that!

What about shipping costs?

Shipping costs are charged to your customers based on the number of products and kinds selected.

What about Sales Tax?

Sales tax, when applicable, is charged to the customer. Because we handle the payment processing, we take care of sales tax reporting.

Do I need a wholesale license?

No. That's one of our biggest advantages offered. You must fill out a W9 form for federal earning reporting (included in setup) but funds are structured as commissions. So no need to deal with all that paperwork!

How do I get paid?

You are paid monthly. Usually by the 10th of the month following the sales period. At the end of each sales period (month) we will send you a final sales report showing all sales and applicable discounts/coupons offered from your store. The net commissions are then automatically deposited into your bank via an ACH Deposit Form (included in setup)

Can I change the retail prices?

No. We expect to release this functionality in the future, but as of right now, we've optimized your product retail prices based on market data and experience. It also lets us calculate your commissions faster!


How many designs can I have?

As many as you'd like. Our standard setup includes 1 design and 2 versions (for light apparel and dark apparel). After that, we'll add additional designs for just $29. You provide the logo and we handle the rest. From product selection to formatting and adding the products to your store.

What kinds of files do I need?

Vector files are preferred. These are files from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator typically. Other times, transparent PNG files with a resolution of 300+d dpi and a transparent background can work but allow less modification. JPEGs do not work because they are low resolution and include background colors.

Can I add designs myself to the website?

No. In order to provide our No Sweat Guarantee, we validate the quality and formatting of every product sold on your site. Besides, you have better things to do than design t-shirts on a website. Leave the details to us!

How do I add another design to my site?

We charge minimal, flat-rate design fees to validate, format and bring your designs to life on our products. You can see the details here: https://www.flipswitchapparel.com/product-page/add-a-design

Initial Setup

What's included in setup?

As part of setup we'll apply 1 design (2 versions; light and dark) to your apparel selection. We also apply 1 design for embroidery products. You provide the files, you select your products we design, stock and build your new online store. When setup is complete, your store is ready for sales.

What if I don't have high-resolution design files?

We'll always try to work with what you have. But if we do not believe the quality of the files meets our standards and you are not able to provide others, we will require another solution. We offer logo vectorization services in our Power-Ups section.

How long does setup usually take?

Between 5-10 business days depending on how quickly you're able to provide your files and complete the setup forms.

Can I create discount codes?

Yep. We handle that for you. Reach out to our team and ensure you provide: -discount code text you want -discount type (% or $) -Application: first orders, all orders etc. -Timing: when to make it live, when to turn it off.


How fast are orders shipped?

Orders are usually shipped within 3-6 business days and arrive within 3-4 thereafter. Our target is to have your order delivered to your customer in under 10-business days. Sometime, delays outside of our control prevent hitting that goal. But in 2021 our "on-time" delivery was above 95%.

How am I notified of an order?

As the store owner, you'll receive automatic email notifications every time your store makes a sale. We also send a monthly total sales report for you.

What if my customers have a question about their order?

Our email address (orders@our-store.co) is provided in the order confirmation email received by your customers. If they simply reply to that email our team will get it and handle the customer service.

How can I see all my store's orders?

We send monthly sales reports that detail all sales and any discount codes used. But if you need a special report, just let us know!


Can I customize my store's URL?

Yes. However, this customization is done at your domain host's website so you will be responsible for updating the information that we provide to you. Reach out to us via email to Team@flipswitchapparel.com and we'll provide you the details of how to do this.

Is there a 'dashboard' I can log into?

No. We offer a fully-managed solution. This means you don't need to log into your store to see what's going on or make edits. You receive emails everytime an order is placed, shipped or returned as well as monthly detailed sales reports so you can review your store's performance. Looking for a specific order detail or need a site edit? Reach out to our team. Team@flipswitchapparel.com

Can I customize site images?

Yes! We add stock images for the site but we always recommend to replace them with real photos of your people and community. Just send us the images you want changed and we'll handle the rest!

What if I want something changed on the website?

Just let us know. Whether you need a different image, or to update a social media link or website address. Send us the details and we'll take care of it.


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